I’ve been walking an eclectic spiritual path for more years than I walked a traditional path. I’ve studied all of the major religious traditions and some not so major. I’m certainly not an expert in religion & spirituality, but I have managed to find my own way – a way that not only supports me and helps me feel connected to the Divine, myself and others. My path is personally meaningful and fulfilling. And, it’s 100% mine. There are no doubts or questioning. There’s only peace and compassion. And curiosity.

My only regret – if I have one at all – is that there was no one to share the journey with. Not in a “I found the truth; let me share it with you” way, but just as a companion. There was a time at the beginning when walking this solitary path didn’t work so well for me. I had questions to ask. I had epiphanies to explore. I wasn’t looking for someone to tell me what to believe, or to even answer my questions. What I was looking was for someone who could help me find my own answers.

Most of my friends and mentors had a spiritual agenda: Sharing the Truth. What I wanted was someone who could help me find my own Truth. Someone who would share what they know and then leave me to do with the information what I will.

Because I wanted that kind of support so desperately – and at one time, it really was a desperate desire! – I now provide it to other women who want to grow spiritually.

Making the decision to work with a coach or mentor should not be taking lightly. You have to trust and respect her, even if you’re not completely sure you actually like her.  Do her attitudes and approach – and more importantly, her personal energy – attract you, even if you aren’t in total agreement with everything she says? And, do you feel as though she will trust and respect you? Will she be a witness and hold space when that’s what you need – and will she kick your ass when that’s what you need?

Does she get that you are an individual, not a sheep to herd through an established system? Is she willing to go where you need to go, instead of where she wants to take you? Will she accept that you are gloriously human, with whatever imperfections you bring to the table, while being able to hold a vision of your most Divine Self?

And, finally, has she done the work herself? She may not be a world expert, but does she have the knowledge and experience to see a few more yards down the path than you can?

If you can answer “yes” to most of these questions, you may very well have found your mentor!

Carpenter checking level of deck boards

So, now what?

While the results of examining (and molding) your spiritual life can be transformational, they do not come without commitment, determination, and inspired action. The work can be both healing and fulfilling – and it can take a lot out of you – so be prepared to engage in oodles of self-care and self-support.

Just what kind of transformational results can you expect through our work together? That depends, of course, on your personal goals. After all, the work is yours. While I am offering to walk with you on your spiritual journey, I’m asking you to guide me with here you want to go. Think of me as a tour guide: You select the destination, and I’ll help you get there.

Our work together will be most productive for you if:

  • You know that you are a spiritual being have a human experience, and you’re ready to explore your spiritual self.
  • You are committed to both spiritual and personal development. After all, it’s really the same thing!
  • You are curious, accepting and nonjudgmental. You have your own ways, but you understand that others have theirs. The journey is personal and so is the path.
  • You are interested in following your own spiritual path with integrity and resonance.
  • You are interested in making a commitment to the work – to yourself – even if you don’t know how you’re going to keep it.

This journey is obviously not for everyone. I wouldn’t be in integrity with my idea of a personally fulfilling spiritual path if I pretended that it was. This work may not be for you if:

  • You are happy and fulfilled with your involvement in a traditional, organized religious system (But, more power to you!).
  • You are more interested in the status quo than experiencing personal liberation and freedom. Change can be icky!
  • You don’t really want to do the deep soul work necessary for personal and spiritual progress. Or, maybe you want to, but for some reason you sense you’re not really ready.
  • You are looking for someone to follow or believe in. While I want to build a community of women who can share their experiences and support each other, I have no desire to convert you to my way of thinking. Other than on social media, I don’t want to you to follow me!
  • You aren’t curious about the really big picture and deep issues.
  • You aren’t open to new possibilities.

Right now, I can support you on your life journey in two different ways:

  • One-to-one private coaching
  • Intuitive Guidance Sessions

I’m working on a group coaching experience, but it probably won’t be available until October, at the earliest.