Upcoming Blog Challenge! (#1)


A few weeks ago, I sent out a notice to my email list saying that I’d be out-of-pocket until probably early February. I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks and I have some big personal stuff going on. I’m just not feeling the public eye right now. So I declared that there would be no podcasts, no Facebook posts, no Pinterest pics; just me, cuddling up on my couch, nursing some spiritual wounds. Healing. Expanding.


I fully expected that I’d write about what is going on and talk about it on The Eclectic Soul Podcast when I had moved into a less tender place.

Then, I read about Lesa Townsend’s 30-Day Blog Challenge and decided to participate! There still won’t be a podcast, Facebook posts, or other social media hits, but hopefully the blog challenge will help me get back into the habit of writing regularly. And it will give me a platform for working through a couple of spiritual issues.

My goal is to write and publish 30 blog posts in the next 30 days. Some may be about random topics, but I expect that most of them will deal with the issues I am struggling with as I mourn the loss of a good friend who died in the December 2nd terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA.

I’m lucky, in that I have a host of loving and supportive people, surrounding me as I work my way through this. They are patient as I talk about the same things over and over, trying to make sense of what happened — and what I’m feeling in response. At first, I wasn’t going to work through this publicly because, well, it seemed unsightly to chronicle my struggles in such a public way, especially when the family of my friend has repeatedly asked for privacy.

I’m not trying to disrespect their wishes; what I am trying to do is to share my process in the hope that it helps someone else. Maybe you are aren’t grieving the same kind of loss I am — but maybe you’re angry and confused as you work through your own loss. Maybe knowing that I’m struggling — but ultimately making it through — will be comforting to you. Maybe witnessing my doubts and confusion will help you find the peace you need.

I do a lot of different things in the professional arena, but in my heart, I am a teacher. And I think, what Abraham Hicks calls “an uplifter.” If I can shed some light on your own grief process … If I can show you how you can have doubts and questions without abandoning your relationship with God … If I can help you find answers to your own questions, then working through my grief in a public forum like my blog is the right thing to do.

Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to my friend.

I think you would have liked him.

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