The Eclectic Soul Podcast — Episode 11 — A God-Shaped Hole

Episode 11 -- A God-Shaped Hole

This podcast episode was brought to you by caffeine and adrenaline … When I recorded it, I’d been awake for about 32 hours. I was running on fumes!

Not a lot of show notes today. As  promised, here’s the Amazon affiliate link to the book 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. If you decide you’d like to own a copy of this very special book, I’d love it if you bought it through me. In fact, I’d love it so much that I’m offering a free, one-card reading to anyone who purchases the book through me by Thursday, 17 December. And then, I’m offering a full reading — 45 minutes to an hour — to one lucky book buyer! All you have to do is email me with your order number and what life area you’d like your reading to focus on: Connections (Family & Friends), Finances, Health & Body Image, Home Environment, Personal & Spiritual Growth, Relaxation & Fun, Romance, and Vocation/Avocation. Please select only one area.

The final prize will be awarded on Friday, 18 December, so be sure to email me before then!

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