The Eclectic Soul Podcast — Episode 05 — A Look at Death

Podcast Blog Header -- Episode 05 -- A Look at Death

(First of all, this episode was supposed to be an interview with my dear friend (and poet) Renee Avard-Furlow. However, she recently had surgery and her recovery is not exactly going as planned. Please send light & love, healing juju, prayers — or whatever you do — for her full and quick recovery from all that ails her. I’m hoping that she’ll be able to be the October guest.)

Some pretty amazing people made their transition over this past week-end: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Wes Craven, and Dr. Oliver Sacs — along with about 300,000 other people who were also creations of the Divine. I’ve been thinking about death for a few days and thought I’d share some of what I know and some of what I believe with you. In this episode, I talk about some of the beliefs of major religious traditions and then I share a little bit about my beliefs.

  • Christianity — I kind of just knew this after years of being a Christian.
  • Judaism — Judaism 101
  • Islam — This interesting source actually provided information for a lot of the podcast, although I verified it through other sources.
  • Hinduism — See above source.
  • Buddhism — The source mentioned above plus this one.
  • Wicca — I just know this from my time studying Wicca, but I did verify my information at’s Wicca site,


Corazon Aquino was the 11th President of the Philippines, as well as the first female president in Asia. She had never held political office before being elected to that office. Feel free to pin the above image, or share it on Facebook or Instagram — or anywhere else you can think of!

The Lab Assignment for this week’s episode is pretty easy, although I do hope you’ll spend some time with it. Just spend some contemplating and then writing about what you think happens during the death process and what happens afterwards. I’d love it if you’d share your thoughts with me, either as a comment on this page, or in an email.

Don’t forgive the book giveaway! I’ll be giving away a copy of The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan. Be sure to listen until the end of the episode to find out how you can enter to win!

As always, thank you for joining me.





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